About  WizardQuant

   WizardQuant is a quantitative hedge fund with headquarters in Zhuhai, China. Established in early 2014 by Wall Street veterans, the company has offices in Shenzhen and Chengdu. The partners have worked for world-class financial institutions and hedge funds, and have over fifteen years’experience in quantitative research and investment in international and domestic financial markets .

Our Edge

 The company's core competencies lie in our scientific rigor, continuous technology innovation and bold breakthrough creativity. Our investors benefit from our investment philosophy, discipline and methodology.

WizardQuant Team

  People are the most valuable assets at WizardQuant. Our team members thrive on our intellectually challenging and high-energy environment. Innovation is achieved through a practice of disciplined inquiry among highly skilled and educated mathematicians, scientists and engineers. Our team is proud to have a mix of fun people, smart and curious, with diverse talents, runners, singers, pianist, swimmers, painters and many more