Company  Profile

WizardQuant is one of China's quantitative hedge funds with strongest R&D strength. The company was established in early 2014 in Zhuhai by Wall Street veterans, and has offices in Shenzhen and Chengdu. All the company partners have worked for world-class financial institutions and hedge funds (Citadel, Two Sigma, SAC, BNP Paribas and IV Capital), and each has over ten years’ practical experience in quantitative research quantitative research and investment in international and domestic financial markets .

Company  Profile

       The company focuses on the multi-asset, multi-strategy, high-capacity, and high-return quantitative investment, including stocks, ETF, futures and options. As the result of the accumulation of years of experience in the Chinese and global markets, the company has made considerable development in the past year, in terms of asset under management, development of innovative trading strategies and team building.

Company  Profile

       Quantitative investment is burgeoning in China. As one of the earliest and leading participants in the domestic quantitative trading, WizardQuant organically integrates technology and finance, focusing on the cutting-edge quantitative research. Relying on a remarkably keen insight of the professional team, a strong R&D back-testing platform, a leading execution system and a top-notch information technology infrastructure, the company captures the most transient market volatility and builds the best models to extract innermost market rules to achieve long-term stable absolute return.

Development Footprint

WizardQuant is one of the earliest and most important participants of quantitative trading in China.

◆Early 2013, two portfolio managers of a top hedge fund on Wall Street established a researcher center in China to study the domestic financial market and to nurture quantitative trading talents.

◆February 2014, WizardQuant officially established in Zhuhai with an initial staff of 9 people. In Dec. 2014, WizardQuant Shanghai Investment Management Center was setup and filed in the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC).

◆2015: Established Beijing training base in Beijing Tsinghua Science Park in March. Independently released quantitative hedged products, the WizardQuant Shanghai Win-Win investment fund. Successfully went through the test of roller-coaster market conditions in July and achieved stable value for investors.

◆2016: Released its systematic CTA fund and acquired a Type 9 License in Hong Kong.

◆2017: Set up the Innovation Research Lab in University Mage Center in Guangzhou.

◆2018: Opened WizardQuant Shenzhen office. Are 50-people strong.

◆2019: Released Low Latency (T0) fund and Index Enhanced Fund. Set up Chengdu office. The number of employees exceeds 100.

Company Mission

Our mission is to firstly, provide a powerful high-performance and flexible-to-expand platform that attracts and cultivates a group of unique talents. Secondly, develop and nurture those talented individuals to focus on technology innovation, identify fleeting market volatility, extract the market rules, and seize the opportunities that our competitors fail to. Lastly, aim to become the leader of the era of quantitative trading in the rapid development of China's financial market.